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Easy Tiger Bread Easy Tiger Bread Easy Tiger Bread Easy Tiger Bread

Better bread takes time and care. Our “dough punchers” begin with artisan flour from select wheat and whole grains grown and milled in Texas. Because our breads are given time to ferment in the way of the world’s finest baking traditions, they are wholesome, nutritious and bursting with complex flavor.

Pain au Lait
Cousin of Brioche, Pain au Lait is enriched with milk, eggs and butter and perfect for sandwiches. Our buns hold up to a juicy burger, while our Pullman loaf is also great for a custard-soaked treat.

Pain de Mie
In French, “mie” refers to the interior of a loaf (the crumb), opposed to the “crute” or crust. Baked in a pan with a lid, slices come out perfectly square, just right for tea sandwiches or a traditional Croque Madame.

Pretzel Buns
We pretzel-dip our Pain de Mie buns in lye for a Bavarian enhancement for our housemade sausages.

Leavened with our wild yeast sourdough starter, this bread contains only unbleached artisan flour, salt and water.

Hearty with 40% wholegrain rye flour and a special rye sourdough starter.

Pain au Levain
French-style country bread with some whole rye and whole spelt for flavor, leavened with our wild yeast levain starter.

We start with our Pain au Levain dough and add in walnuts and walnut oil.

Classic French baguette with a crackly crust and light, airy interior. Our artisan flour really shines in this loaf, imparting a lightly nutty flavor.

Whole Wheat Oat
Oatmeal keeps this bread moist and adds a hearty flavor. Perfect for toast, but makes a great sandwich as well.

Pane Italiano
Olive oil adds rich flavor and keeps the crust thinner on this bread, so it's perfect toasted for bruschetta.

Pane alle Olive
We add Kalamata olives and fresh thyme to our Italiano dough.

Pane Casereccio
Our Italian-style table bread, moist with an open crumb, baked dark for a hearty crust. “Fare la scarpetta,” as the Italians say, making sure to mop up the last bit of sauce on the plate with a piece of bread.

Stone-milled whole wheat, whole spelt and whole rye flour blended with a nine-grain mix, leavened with our wild yeast levain starter. A hint of natural cane syrup mellows the whole grains.

The name means “slipper” in Italian, and this bread was developed as a sandwich loaf – meant to be slice in half horizontally. Lots of water and minimal shaping contribute to the airy, open crumb inside.


Easy Tiger Pastries and Sweets Easy Tiger Pastries and Sweets Easy Tiger Pastries and Sweets Easy Tiger Pastries and Sweets

Easy Tiger pastries and sweets are made with unbleached flour from select wheat, cultured high-fat butter, imported fine chocolate and other pure ingredients free of preservatives or artificial additives.



Croissant - Almond Croissant - Pain au Chocolat - Pain Suisse - Cinnamon Knot - Fruit Danish - Danish Snail - Apple Turnover


Ginger Cookie - Bengal Spice - Chocolate Chunk - Mazarin


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