Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Tiger Catering

Do you have a mic and speaker?

While we do have the capacity for A/V setups, we do not provide microphones or speakers for events. We do allow microphones and speakers to be brought in and used at any of our locations.

Do you allow outside food?

We do not allow outside food at any of our locations. Exceptions can be made for birthday cakes and some desserts.

How early can we come in to set up our decorations?

Guests are welcome to come up to an hour before their event begins to set up decorations.

What is the timeline for finalizing the headcount for event?

We require a final headcount 5 days prior to the event date. After this deadline we cannot lower the headcount for the event. We can raise the headcount if necessary.

Do you offer any vegan or gluten free bakery items?

Unfortunately, due to the possibility of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our pastries are gluten-free. Most of our breads are vegan (except for our pretzels, hotdog bread, and hamburger buns) and we do offer vegan Carrot Muffins.

What is a food and beverage minimum?

A Food and Beverage minimum is a minimum cost per person for that a group must meet in order to acquire reserved seating during peak times. This can be met by a combine sale of the host and individual guests.

Can I have everyone just order themselves?

We cannot provide full menu service for events over 25 people due to the negative operational impact it may have on your experience and service. Preordering from our Special Events Menu or organizing a limited menu helps to ensure the best service we can provide for your event.

Do you charge for rental spaces?

No, we do not charge for rental spaces. All that is required is a signed agreement for a Food and Beverage minimum based on an accurate headcount of the event. As well as an initial deposit of $5 per person that will get applied to your final balance.

What discounts do you offer for non-profits?

We do not offer discounts for non-profits at this time, as we have focused a majority of our budget to our community bread program.